Roaring Tweenties

Tyler Ciha


Stock Market

We all know what the great depression is and what happens the to stock market on that horrible black Tuesday. But looking back on this graph below it shows the stock market just sky rocketing to its peak when it has never been better. People are spending money and the economy's flow at its finest.
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Harlem Globetrotters 1st Game

The Harlem Globetrotters first game was played January 7th, 19207 in Hickley, Illinois where they traveled 48 miles from west Chicago. Their coach Abe Saperstein named them Harlem after the famous African-American neighborhood in New York City. This team was all Africans Americans who had a tremendous gift for the game of basketball. As the Globetrotters sustain a high enough lead in the game to ensure a win they start to bring out the fancy moves to make fools out of the defense. Winning their first game 101 to 117 they had introduced sports fans to a game they had not seen before. People loved it and their coach told them to keep up the clowning around. This became a new way for entertainment that got fans hype and whiling to do anything to watch the Globetrotters play. This then forced the NBA to lift their "whites only" rule and started drafting blacks. This was the beginning to something new, this was the beginning to something great.
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Dance Mania

Dance Mania really got the women up off their feet and out of the houses for a little bit of fun. They would go wild and crazy out on that dance floor. The Charleston, shimmy, and the tango were all popular dances. The ladies became syndicalists by cutting their skirts too short and showing their knees and arms. This mania really made the 20's roar because it brought towns together and got people to know each other more.
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Change in Music

As time passed on by, new inventions and technology was being made such as the electrical recording process. This process made recording artist take more risks on who they recorded because they could make it sound better through their technology. This is the time when slow boring music became upbeat and fun. Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, Jelly Roll Morton, and many others had made a big change in music that became know as Jazz. This made the 20's roar by opening up more jobs for people to become artists, getting people excited to listen to new music, and it changed how music influenced teens.
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Flappers were northerners, urban, single, young, middle-class women. They did lots of nighttime stuff such as going into jazz clubs, speakeasies, and vaudeville shows. Once the 18th amendment passed and it was illegal to drink alcohol, women started drink more then they did ever before. Smoking also became a popular activity for flappers to do. Experimenting sexually became more popular too as long with cutting their hair and showing more skin. All these activities were totally frowned upon. The flappers changed all of that. Women felt like they were treated poorly when all the men came back from WW1 and took all their jobs back. So they set out to do exactly the opposite of what their practice was as being a lady. This made the 20's roar because it gave women a chance to change their impact on the society and be apart of the community instead of just doing house choirs. the flappers even took it as far as the congress and got them the right to vote.
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Model T

The Model T cars were the first cars that were affordable to the average american. More then 15 million of these Model T's were built in Detroit and Highland Park. These cars were built by Henry Ford and in his factories in England and continental Europe. These cars made the 20's absolutely roar from the impact it had on the teens and adults. Teens now could pick up their honeys and take them on dates with no chaperons/parents. Teens could also now find a girlfriend that lived out of their town because they now had a car to take them there. These cars were low cost, durable, versatility, and easy to maintenance. They only cost 300$ to were they use to cost 850$. The Model T cars were a big sensation and changer in the U.S.
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Henry Ford and the automobile

Henry Ford changed the way the majority of Americans lived their every day lives. In 1913 he created the assembly line where they would move the car down line and workers would just add parts onto it. Prior to this they had one or a few experts work on one car and it took them much longer to finish it. This made the 20's roar because now it opened up jobs for people to work on the assembly line, it dropped the price of the cars, and it helped Henry because he didn't have to pay his workers as much because they were only skilled in one thing.
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