Julius Caesar

Famus people in ancient rome

Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar was a Rome general and dictator.He was born on July 100 BC in Rome ,Italy.Caesar was know for being a dictator of Rome and ending the Republic of Rome.Caesar was killed 15 march 44 BC in Rome Italy.The senate killed him because they thought he was getting to much power.

Caesar becoming consul

40 was when consul and once his one term was up he became governor of Gaul.

Why was Caesar important

Caesar was important because he had great ideas and said he would help the people.Because they where unemployed and could not work because the slaves were.And they name a month after him July.


55 BC and 54 BC the war Britain and Rome. In the end Roman won against Britain.

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short story

It was sad oh by the way my name is Zane . My family was poor.Julius Caesar was giving to us.And he had to go to a meeting. During the meeting I held a person yell and then more somebody said Caesar was killed! At first I did not believe them but it was true!


I read a book about Obama and he is a leader and so was Caesar.Both good at it Caesar was very bad but good too.

same time

During Caesar time they made many enemys.So they was going to attack one day