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Week of August 19th

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Back to School Parent Information

Please use the button below to access the 2019-2020 Back to School Parent Packet including a welcome back letter from Mr. Arend.

McClure 2019-2020 Student Handbook

Please use the button below to access the student handbook and review. The final page of the handbook should be completed and returned to your child's teacher by Friday, August 30th.

McClure PTO Information

The Fun Run is BACK!

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McClure Dad's Information

Nurse Notes...

Please see the notes before from Nurse Jessica...

No Tolerance Policy

MISD has a no tolerance policy for students being in possession of medication of any kind. If students need medicine at school, please contact Nurse Jessica for the form that must be completed. The medicine must be delivered to the clinic by an adult on the student’s contact list. You can reach the school nurse by emailing her at or calling the clinic at 469-302-9445.

Change of Clothes

We encourage all students to keep a change of clothes (top, bottom, socks and undies) in a baggie in their backpack in the event of a bathroom accident, spill, etc. There are no clothes kept in the clinic this year per MISD policy. If your child needs a change of clothes during the school day, and does not have one, a parent will need to bring it to school.

Albuterol Statement

Due to the changes in legislature this summer, Albuterol will no longer be a stock medication in the school clinics in McKinney ISD. If your child experiences signs and symptoms of reactive airway or asthma and does not have their own supply of medication in the clinic, in the event of an emergency, EMS/911 will be called to treat your child.

**Any 911 call results in the student needing to leave campus for the remainder of the school day, either with 911 or parent/guardian.**

Week of August 19th

(Bolded items reflect events for students/families)

Monday, August 19th

Kick Off the Week w/ Kindness!

Tuesday, August 20th - Students and staff are encouraged to wear their favorite college shirt every Tuesday throughout the school year.

M&M 2.0 - Leadership Meeting - 10AM - Conference Room

Alpha Supply & Hi! - See Image Below - 6PM - Webb Elementary

Wednesday, August 21st

Talk with your children about these two things today:

1. Tell me about someone being nice to you.

2. Tell me about you being nice to someone else.

Thursday, August 22nd

Mrs. Hafner will be off campus - ESL Trainings

Mr. Arend will be off campus - HOPE Team Meeting - 2PM - McNeil

Friday, August 23rd

Principal and PTO Coffee - 9AM - Library

Week of August 26th

Monday, August 26th - Alpha Begins Today

Alpha - 4th and 5th Grade - Bus departs McClure at 8:45AM

Alpha - 1st Grade - 12:45

Alpha - 2nd Grade - 1:45

Tuesday, August 27th - Students and staff are encouraged to wear their favorite college shirt every Tuesday throughout the school year.

Alpha - 4th and 5th Grade - Bus departs McClure at 8:45AM

Collaborative Team Time - 7:30AM - Siefken's Room - 3rd Grade

M&M 2.0 - Leadership Team Meeting - 10AM - Conference Room

Mr. Arend and Mrs Hafner will be off campus - Central Office - 12PM

Wednesday, August 28th

Collaborative Team Time - 7:30AM - Siefken's Room - 4th Grade

Staff Meeting - 3:30PM - Library

Thursday, August 29th

Collaborative Team Time - 7:30AM - Siefken's Room - 5th Grade

Mrs. Hafner will be off campus - RtI Meetings

Friday, August 30th

Siefken will be off campus - IC Meeting

Alpha - 3rd Grade - Bus departs McClure at 8:40AM

McClure Elementary Night at the Stadium - See Image Below - 6PM

Monday, Sept. 2nd - Labor Day - Student/Teacher Holiday

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Daily Schedule

Doors are open daily at 7:15AM (North Entrance Carpool Drop Off)

Breakfast is served at 7:30AM - 7:50AM

Tardy bell rings at 8:00AM and morning announcements begin

Dismissal bell rings at 3:00PM

2019-2020 Recess/Lunch Schedule

Click Here to See the McClure Recess/Lunch Schedule

Specials Rotations

Click Here for the McClure Specials Rotation Schedule

Shop & Support McClure Elementary

This year McClure Elementary is excited to be partnering with a fun, free, and truly easy fundraiser called Shoparoo! Schools nationwide are already earning hundreds and even thousands every year through Shoparoo and it’s a great opportunity for us to really make a difference this year!

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Thank you for your support!

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