Adult First Aid and care

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Check for responsiveness

Tap them, ask them a question, or prompt any kind of response that would show that they are conscious.

Call 911

Open the airway, check for breathing, scan for any sever bleeding

Open the airway by tilting the head and lifting the chin. Check for breathing for no more than 10 seconds (occasional gasps are not bleeding), and look for blood loss.
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Conscious Choking

1. Five back blows (hit them between shoulder blades with the heel of hand)

2. 5 Additional thrusts (make a fist with thumb against their abdomen just above the navel and link your other hand to your fist and give 5 quick thrusts)

3. Continue sets of both of these until the object is forced out, the person can cough or breathe, or they are unconscious. (if unconscious, additional care needed!)

CPR (no breathing at all), and unconscious choking

1. Give 30 chest compressions (push hard and fast in chest at least 2 inches deep, at a speed of 100 compressions per minute)

2. Give 2 rescue breaths (tilt head and lift chin, pinch nose shut and make seal over person's mouth. Blow for 1 second to make the chest rise.

3. Do not stop. Keep repeating this cycle unless they begin breathing, a trained responder is there, or you are tired or endangered.

(in the case of unconscious choking, you can open the mouth and look for the object causing the choking

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Using AED (if one is available and person is not responding to other methods)

1. Follow directions and turn on AED

2. Wipe bare chest dry

3. Attatch pads to chest

4. Plug in connector

5. Stand clear and make sure everyone is away from the body

6. Analyze heart rhythm by pressing the "analyze" button

7. Deliver shock (make sure NO ONE is touching person)

8. Next, perform about 2 minutes of CPR.

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External injuries (bleeding and burns)


1. Cover the wound with a sterile dressing

2. Apply pressure until bleeding stops

3. Cover with bandage and make sure area around bandage has circulation

4. Continue applying pressure and call 911


1. Remove area from the burning source

2. Cool the burn with cold running water until pain is at least a bit relieved.

3. Cover loosely with sterile dressing

4. Call 911

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1.Call 911 or poison control hotline immediately! If the person is unconscious call 911, if they are conscious and alert call the National Poison Control Center at 1-800-222-1222.

2. Provide care

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Head, neck, spinal injuries

Call 911

minimize movement of head, neck, and spine.

Stabilize head by providing support on both sides of head, and if the head is at a weird angle do not move it.

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THINK FAST! (In case of Stroke)

F-Face. Ask the person to smile. Is one side of their face droopy?

A-Arm. Ask the person to raise both arms. Does on drift downwards?

S-Speech. Ask them to repeat a simple sentence, such as "bananas are yellow" or "I am ___". Can they do so correctly?

T-Time. Call 911 RIGHT AWAY. Try to know the time when these signals first appeared.