Russia News

By Mya Cruz


Chernobyl is a town that had a dangerous explosion caused a people to leave. The explosion in was caused by human flaw and machine fail. Thanks to the explosion in confined event thing causing a half-life to wait to go back . A radioactive cloud cover 3,280 feet over parts of Ukraine, Belarus, and Russia.

Aral sea

Aral sea was one of the fourth largest lake in the wold. sense they build a dam it stop the water sore from flowing. The Aral sea is slowly going away. The land is semiarid or arid, meaning little or no rainfall. sense the lake is shrinking the salt and pesticides destoroy the habitat.

Trans-Siberian Railroad

Trans-Siberian Railroad is the world's largest railroad. It takes about 6,000 miles and crossing eight zones.One change of the railroad is that they are gauge. Thousands of Russian peasants and other were unlisted.