Siberian Tiger Behavior,Diet and Description

Siberian Tigers eat raw eggs,warm milk,and meat. Also, Siberian Tigers eat deer,snakes,termites,and carrion.There skin is black/orange. They weigh about 700lbs. Finally, they are about 13ft long.

Siberian Tiger

Siberian Tiger's Habitat

Siberian Tiger's live far north as the arctic circle. Also,in the forest. Finally, they live towards Russia, China Islands, and Asia.


There are no more than 20 Siberian Tigers in the Russian forests. Siberian Tigers are very rare. And hard to find.

Endangered or Threatened

The Siberian Tiger is most wanted by people. People hunt for Siberian Tigers. Thats why there so rare. Also popular.

People can stop extinction

People can stop hunting Siberian Tigers to stop extinction. Now Siberian Tigers can live and survive longer.

Interesting Facts

Male Siberian Tigers are bigger than females. Siberian Tigers is the biggest tiger in the world. They are 13 feet long.