Roman Government

By Sam B, Jeremy L, and Jake L.

How the Roman Government Worked

Rome had a government called a Republic. A Republic is a government based on written laws where citizens elect their leaders. In modern times, a lot of people use Republic and Representative Democracy interchangeably. Rome had a tripartite government. This means the power was divided among 3 branches. Division of power between branches prevents 1 branch from taking too much power. This is called Checks and Balances. The Roman government's 3 branches were the Magistrates, the Roman Senate, and the Assembly. The Magistrates were the masters of administration, led the army, and prepared for war. The Roman Senate controlled money, took care of public buildings, and tried crimes. The Assembly was made up of citizens of Rome. Their responsibility was deciding matters of life and death (court) and elect government officials. Look at the Video below for more information.

How the U.S. Government is similar to the Roman Government

The basis of the U.S. Government came from Rome. The U.S. is a republic with a tripartite government. The three branches are the Executive (similar to Magistrates), Legislative (similar to Roman Senate), and Judicial (similar to the Assembly). Again, see the video below for more information.
Roman Government