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Veterans Day 2020 St Damian

Paying Tribute To Our Veterans

Our students had the opportunity to participate in a Zoom panel featuring Veterans from various branches of the military. During this panel, the students explored the different categories of prior service soldiers - those who served but were not deployed, those who were deployed but did not see combat, and finally combat veterans.

This was organized and hosted by our very own social studies teacher, CPL Ryan Vandewiel, who served in the Illinois Army National Guard. Thank you for your service!

During the week, the principal from Pope John Paul XXIII in Evanston inquired if we were participating in any Veteran's Day Activities. It was an honor for us to have another school's students join in our Zoom call! We are truly in this together!

Early Dismissal - Tuesday, December 8, 2020 - 12 p.m. - Teacher Planning Meetings

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Celebrating Family Reading Night

November 19, 2020 celebrates National Family Reading Night. To celebrate and encourage reading at home as a family, we will be broadcasting our podcast of The Lemonade War. Our faculty and staff will each be reading a chapter for you to enjoy as a family. Some of your teachers may be giving the children assignments focusing around the novel. Stay tuned for the link to be launched this week.

Happy Reading!

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St. Damian Church Food Pantry

During the Thanksgiving season, we traditionally ask for food donations. We would love to be able to continue to help those in need. If you would like to contribute this week, we've got a list of the most needed items:

Kindergarten - Jelly

1st Grade - Canned Fruits

2nd Grade - Canned Meats

3rd Grade - Crackers

4th Grade - Cookies

5th Grade - Canned Vegetables

6th Grade - Granola Bars

7th Grade - Plain Rice

8th Grade - Boxed Potatoes

Pre K - Any of the Above

Thank you so much!

COVID-19 Directives

With the holidays approaching, we are encouraging everyone to please abide by the following travel order, if travel is a necessity.

The Archdiocese of Chicago is doing their best to keep up with the quickly-developing pace of the COVID-19 pandemic as the state is seeing some significant increases in the general infection rate in greater Chicago.

Throughout the Archdiocese, consistent with cases throughout the year, most situations involve individuals who become infected outside of school. We want to encourage you all to continue to be very vigilant and limit gatherings, keep your masks on, and just be safe. We appreciate you all keeping your children home even if they have the sniffles. We appreciate you communicating with us even if you think you have been exposed in the tiniest way. We appreciate your open communication! We are one team! We are Damian Strong!

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Did you know you can still SHOP with Scrip! You can do it all online. And, this is so easy and convenient, you may just want to continue this option when we are all back in the building.

Just follow this link for more information!

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