By: Cedric Wilford ©


This economy is based trade and tourism. Many people around Greece come to see our perfect temples and wonderful art. The tourists bring the best goods and bring lots of money just to see the wonderful arts and crafts! The hole trading is easy because we live near the sea so traveling is easy for people! We trade olive trees, beekeeping, and fabulous good and arts!

©©The women and the slaves©©

The two people that are not called citizens woman and slaves. Women are NOT able to leave the house without a male. When the male dies the women can't own the land/property. Only SOME women are able to get a job, others have to stay home. women aren't allowed to vote or be in the counsel of 500.

Slaves the thing that we treat better in the two non-citizens group, they can be a clerk in an office. Those people are lucky, but the unlucky ones are the ones who work in the mine


I'll say this once, the government in Athens is the BEST! People from age 18+ can vote in the assembly, this is a place where the people and the counsel of 500 vote for there laws. The counsel of 500 is a place where people from age 18+ can sign to a loutery (not the loutery you are thinking of) and if you get picked you are in!


The last thing and the best thing i'm going to tell you is our values. We have stuff that you will injoy, we have for art, schooling, exe. We have the best value and I think you can gess what it is, it's our favoret goddess, Athena! thats what we named our city-state "Athens". She helped us in the war between her and posidon, and she gave us the olive tree well i hope you enjoyed the report on Athens

Hope you liked this report!