Itinerary KE-31-104

Big Welcome to UGA! Bulldogs in Israel!!

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Friday December 19, 2014

First things first: Day 1, Today you'll get to finally understand your Jewish selves in the context of a collective Jewish past.

This is where our history was made, yo.

Up till this point, you've all been a Hebrew character without a Hebrew past. Abraham had the mission of creating something entirely new whereas, we have both the advantage and the challenge of carrying history with us and like every generation before us we are building the Jewish future.

  • Land at Ben Gurion

  • Welcome circle

  • Kabalat Shabbat program

  • Hanukkah candle lighting

  • Opening session

  • Dinner

  • Oneg Shabbat service

  • Overnight stay at Kibbutz Gonen

Shabbat December 20

On Shabbat we will experience what it's like to rest in combination with getting that "spiritual thang" on... We'll discuss the new experience of waking up in Israel. The pace of our schedule will be less hectic, it is Shabbat after all... Chillin out helps us reflect on the spirit of the day and allows space and time for us to absorb just where we are.

  • Sleep in (just a little)
  • Breakfast
  • Tour of Kibbutz Gonen
  • Lunch
  • Havdalla service
  • Activity
  • Dinner
  • Overnight stay at Kibbutz Gonen

Sunday December 21

Rise and shine, people... It's time to get out there and see this beautiful country. We'll start the day at one of the northern portions of the Israel National Trail - Mt. Arbel and catch a glimpse of an ancient Jewish settlement. After lunch it'll be time to explore the mystical city of Tzfat (Safed).

  • Breakfast
  • Hike Mt. Arbel
  • Lunch
  • Tzfat
  • Dinner
  • Overnight stay at Kibbutz Gonen

Monday December 22

Our last day in the North a.k.a "HaZafon"... We'll hike the gorgeous Tel Dan and learn how complicated our borders are at Tel Faher. It's here that you'll see the real beauty of the Golan Heights. Shortly after lunch we'll get a chance to visit local industries like the Ramat HaGolan winery! We'll also get a chance to see another portion of the Israel National Trail - Mt. Bental (it's actually a dormant volcano!)
  • Breakfast
  • Hike - Tel Dan
  • Hike - Tel Faher
  • Lunch
  • Ramat HaGolan winery
  • Hike - Mt. Bental
  • Dinner
  • Last night at Kibbutz Gonen

Tuesday December 23

Atlanta and Yokne'am share a bond created through the P2K Partnership. Shortly after breakfast we'll bridge our communities in an activity at Yokne'am. We'll drive to Jisr az-Zarqa and see first hand that Jews and Arabs can happily coexist! Later on in Kfar HaNokdim, we'll get acquainted with the Bedouins in the south.
  • Breakfast
  • P2K Atlanta Yokne'am sister cities
  • visit Jisr az-Zarqa
  • Lunch
  • Green activity HaNokdim
  • Dinner
  • Overnight stay at Kfar HaNokdim

Wednesday December 24

An early morning sunrise hike at Masada will do everyone some good. The view of the Jordanian hills are incredible. We'll have breakfast and then go for a camel ride (get your instagram ready). A short drive later and we'll find ourselves at the lowest point on earth - the Dead Sea. Later on we'll pick up and meet the soldiers ("Mifgashim") who will be traveling with us for the next few days. Yeay!
  • Sunrise hike - Masada
  • Breakfast
  • Camel ride
  • Dead Sea - Mineral Beach
  • Soldier pick up - Binyanei HaUma
  • Last Hanukkah candle lighting
  • Dinner
  • Yad VaShem preparation
  • Overnight stay at Jerusalem Garden

Thursday December 25

See first hand the juxtaposition of ancient and modern as you walk the streets of Jerusalem. Welcome to the Old City. Today will be a day of mixed emotions as we are faced with our history both brilliant and sad. After such a heavy day, we'll need to discuss how far we've come and what we'll do for our future.

  • Breakfast
  • Sataf
  • Jewish Quarter
  • Western Wall a.k.a. the Kotel
  • Lunch
  • Yad VaShem
  • Dinner
  • Overnight stay at Jerusalem Garden

Friday December 26

We'll have a tour of Mt. Herzl in the morning and behold the busyness of Friday in Jerusalem with everyone running around trying to get all of their errands done in time for Shabbat at the Machne Yehuda Market.

  • Breakfast
  • Tour of Mt. Herzl
  • Lunch
  • Machne Yehuda Market
  • Kabalat Shabbat program
  • Dinner
  • Oneg Shabbat
  • Overnight stay Jerusalem Garden

Shabbat December 27

After some much needed rest, we'll join our soldiers for a special activity and discuss our new experiences and hear creative responses to Jewish sites and sources. The pace of our schedule will be less hectic than usual, it is Shabbat afterall... Chillin out helps us reflect on the spirit of the day and allows space and time for us to absorb our experiences so far.

  • Breakfast
  • Activity with Soldiers
  • Lunch
  • Havdalla service
  • Dinner
  • Night out in Jerusalem

Sunday December 28

The icing on the cake is a day tour of the White City, The start-up Nation - Tel Aviv. You'll be taken through the old port of Jaffa and see the very first neighborhood outside its walls called Neve Tzedek. We'll explore the shuk at lunchtime and have a last minute chance to stock up on souvenirs for family and friends. At this point, we'll say our farewells to the soldiers who have accompanied us and end the day at Punchline for a hearty dinner. In Israel, we never like to say good-bye, instead we say "Lehitraot" which means, "See ya later."

  • Breakfast
  • Old Jaffa
  • Neve Tzedek
  • Shuk HaCarmel
  • Lunch
  • Mifgash ends
  • Wrap up at Punchline
  • Farewell dinner
  • Departure at Ben Gurion
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Trip Information for Parents & Friends

Tour Guide: Yariv Ofer

USA Staff:

Office Number: 1-877-404-9677 (toll free to Israel)

Emergency Contact: Anat Hait in Israel: 011-972-54-678-7836


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List of Accommodations:

  • Kibbutz Gonen
  • Kfar HaNokdim
  • Jerusalem Garden Hotel

Trip Number: KE-31-104

Trip Title: December - Campus - UGA/Israel National Trail (Ages 18-22)

Flight Information:

Departure to Israel

Departure Date: December 18, 2014

Departure Time: 7:48 pm ET

Departure Airport: JFK - John F. Kennedy International Airport

Airline- Flight: Delta DL468

Gateway: JFKTLV

Time you must be at the Airport: 3:48 pm ET

Return to the USA

Arrival in USA Date: December 29, 2014

Arrival Time: 5:09 am ET

Arrival Airport: JFK - John F. Kennedy International Airport

Airline- Flight: Delta DL46

Gateway: TLVJFK


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