Friday, May 1st, Chpt 15 Narrative

Hey there, May!

Happy first day of May!

Well it's Friday AND it's the first day of May. Crazy, right? We have actually having some cooler weather down here too, which is pretty nuts for this time of year. How are things in your neck of the woods? Today, you are completing the narrative for chapter 15. I will not be on BBim today. Please shoot me a text or email if you need anything.

Dative Case? Got anything extra on that?

I sure do. Take a look below at my notes. A good way to think about dative case is Christmas. Yes, Christmas. "Santa Claus brings you gifts." or I could say "Santa Claus brings gifts to you." In both sentences, "you" are the INDIRECT object or DATIVE. The gift is the DIRECT object or ACCUSATIVE. Careful that you don't confuse the two or someone might be giving YOU away for Christmas. :)
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Nice job!

Thanks to Sammy for showing up to Latin Live with me this week! I love when I can work with you guys!