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29 January 2021

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Creating Our Mission Statement

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Ronan Dempsey

- Mission Statement Facilitator

- Mission Statement Workshop Organizer

- Grade 12 Advisor

- Upper School English Teacher

"I really enjoyed listening to students discussing and working through the big problems and ideas that lie at the heart of education, and offering us their insights and opinions about who we are as a community, and who we should be."


Dear Students,

On Thursday 28th January 2021, we as a school took some time to begin reflecting on our school's Mission Statement. We did that because it was important to us for our growth and development as an educational institution. During that process we asked ourselves pertinent questions such as:

  • Should education serve the individual, the whole society, or a sub-section of society?
  • Should education be the same for everybody, or tailored to their needs and interests?
  • Should education disrupt and challenge the existing social order, or work to protect and maintain it?

You brainstormed together and as a result you came up with a variety of amazing mission statements. Even beyond that, many of you expressed how much you enjoyed this process of reflection, expression, sharing and creating.

In a similar way you can have fun creating your own personal Mission Statement. If you have a passion for the Arts, make it part of your creative process. You can Draw, Paint, Compose Music, use your Filmmaking, Photography or Graphic design skills and come up with YOUR PERSONAL MISSION STATEMENT that is either written or portrayed in any other creative way and begin reflecting on the following questions:

  • What do you consider essential?
  • What's your personality?
  • What are your strengths, skills, and talents?
  • Who and what deserves your time?
  • Are you making time for your goals and personal development?
  • Where will your dreams take you?
  • Why are these goals important to you?
  • How do you plan on achieving these goals?

Take some time to reflect on your own personal mission, see what answers come up during your reflection and see how you can use it to motivate and inspire yourself as you develop into amazing young men and women.

Please upload a Pic or Video of your Creative Process here as you reflect on your Personal Mission Statement. Also listen to the short audio clip at the end of this newsletter to inspire you on the power of having your own personal mission statement.

Tessa John-Guerra

US Guidance Counselor

ASM Mission Statement Group Work

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Eric Foinquinos

- Mission Statement Facilitator

- Grade 10 Advisor

- Upper School Social Studies and Arts Teacher

"After reflecting with students on this well-planned series of Mission-statement activities, the latent function of what transpired in these sessions became quite apparent: to achieve a better understanding of education as not just a means to receive an A or get into a college, but more holistically to encourage the realization that we grow when we are willing to accept change, internalize varying views and more specifically, when we become aware that the diversity of our ASM community is one of our most valuable assets moving forward in life."
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Dr. Martina Bree

- Mission Statement Facilitator

- Dean of Students

- IB DP Coordinator

"For the first time we sat down as a school across grade levels to talk about education, its purpose and to hear students' voices. Through a very well structured activity we got to collaborate on an equal footing, outside the normal classroom and we found it extremely fruitful and energizing."
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Gary Hamblin

- Mission Statement Facilitator

- Grade 11 Advisor

- Upper School Social Studies Teacher

"Given excellent prep materials to guide the lesson, I had an unexpectedly enjoyable time working the students through the steps that culminated in the students writing their own mission statements."

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Katrina Dodds

- Mission Statement Facilitator

- Grade 10 Advisor

- MS/US PE/Health Teacher

"It was really great to hear what our students thought about our school, it’s aims and values. The format of the day allowed for thoughtful discussions to take place."

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There's Always A Series of Failures, Disappointments, Hard Work and Persistence before your Success is Seen, JUST KEEP ON MOVING, KEEP ON WORKING HARD & KEEP ON STRIVING...Never Give Up!!!

In this Newsletter Edition, let's look at another Strategy you can use for your success. This time it's Making Flash Cards. Look up the past newsletter editions (linked at the end) to see the previous Study Skill strategies.


The beauty of making up flash cards is that they help you to take advantage of short periods of time throughout your day because they can so easily be taken anywhere you go.

The easier you make it for yourself, the more likely you are to do it!


Click on this button above or on the video below to see how to make your own very exciting Flash Cards to help you study easier and faster to succeed. This video goes in depth on how to really take your Study Skills to another level and pass exams.

How to Study Effectively with Flash Cards - College Info Geek

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12 Jobs For Economics Majors

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The Importance Of Having A Personal Mission Statement!!

Rest, relax and click on this button or the Play button below. This is a short audio......."When we have the ability to find our own mission statement we then have our directions… we get our map to that dream person we want to be... our destination."

Dean Graziosi

What Is Your PERSONAL Mission Statement? - Dean Graziosi Weekly Wisdom by Dean Graziosi

This is our last chance to say HAPPY NEW YEAR for 2021 :)

We also thank you for coming to the end of our fourth Upper School Counseling & Advisory Newsletter. Please send us your feedback and ideas here on topics to cover in future editions.

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