Save battery

Ethan Fowler

Time to Charge Battery

if your battery goes lower than 20% you need to charge it. Between 30 and 80 percent you'll be fine. Most phones have a green battery up in the corner. This will stay green until the phone needs to be charged. The battery light will then go red when you need to charge it. Most phone also will give you a warning when the battery life is low

Where to Charge the Battery

You can charge your phone in your car, at your home or anywhere that has a USB cord. In some cars they have an actual USB port, others you have to get a USB port to put in your cigarette lighter. Both ways will charge your phone. At home you can charge it on your computer with the USB port or a wall plug in.

How to Save your Battery

One way to save battery is to turn down your brightness. If it is all the way up it drains your battery. Don't be on the internet that much. Downloading all the sites wears the battery out, because your phone is working overtime. Talking on your phone can also drain your battery fast.

Other Types of Chargers.

First there are the classic chargers, they come in black or white, but they do have colored chargers. Also, there are different shaped chargers. Then there are the portable chargers. These chargers you can charge with a computer or wall outlet. After that you can put in your pocket and plug into your phone and go any where you want and have your phone stay charged.