Welcome to China!

By Andrew Sessler hour 5

Why China is a lot different than Japan!

The biggest difference between China and Japan is the government types. China is a Communist nation while Japan on the other hand is a Constitutional Monarchy. Japan is also different from China, is that Japan is a chain of Islands while Japan is one huge chunk of land in the whole Asia continent.

China and Japan are very alike also!

China and Japan practice various religions. Buddhism is big in both nations while Shintoism rules Japan and Buddhism rules China. Japan and China have the same race ruling the nation with types of Asian races.

China's Culture!

A good majority of culture in China is Chinese, that is because of the country. Most of the people that live in China were born and raised in China.

Geography in China!

China has very Mountainous terrain outside of the cities. In the cities china is VERY populated and there are many roads. China also has the highest population in the world. China is a smaller country for the amount of people in the country. For the highways in China the have layers on layers of roads.

Data Based Questions!

What is the population in China?

1.351 Billion.

How many miles long is the great wall of China?

All together the great wall would be 35,000 miles long.