The Five Foundations

Brett Cook and Justin Glatczak

The First Foundation

Save a $500 emergency fund for emergencies only for the reason of something going wrong with one of your belongings or a tire blowing out on your vehicle.

The Second Foundation

Get out of debt so that you don't have to worry about owing money to anyone anymore which is very important because debt can lead to major stress in your life.

The Third Foundation

Pay cash for your car so you don't have to worry about car payments throughout a certain time span which is important because you don't want to be paying for your vehicle and get into a crash and buy a new one while you are paying for your current one.

The Fourth Foundation

Pay cash for college so you aren't worrying about the debt for your student loans which is important because people that got student loans in the past are in their 40's and still trying to pay off their student loans which is cutting into their money from their job that they went to college to get.

The Fifth Foundation

Build wealth and give so you don't have to worry about money for the rest of your life and can be helping the community as well which is important because who doesn't want to not worry about money and be known as someone who gave to their community.