The Nervous System

By: Ava Saitta

Nervous System

The nervous system is located in the brain and along the spinal cord.


Spinal Cord- connects your brain with the rest of your body.

Facial Nerves- Controls your facial movement.

Peripheral Nerves- Controls your muscles for arm and leg movement.

Intercostal Nerves- Controls the movement in your ribs/chest.

Brain Stem- the main connection from the brain and spinal cord, controls breathing, heart rate, and blood pressure.


The nervous system interacts with the muscular system because the nerves control the muscles. The diseases in the nerves always include muscle movement. Every nerve is connected to a muscle which makes it move.


Epileptic fits- violent fits in the head usually caused by strokes, heatstrokes, drugs, drug withdrawal, and poison.

Parkinson's disease- a nerve disease that effects ones movement

Multiple sclerosis- a disease were the immune system mistakenly attacks the protective coat around the nerve fibers. There is no cure for M.S.

Amyotrophic sclerosis- a disease in the neurons that control voluntary muscle movement.

You cannot live without the nervous system because if you didn't have it you wouldn't be able to move at all.