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the best red river carts in the west


The Red River cart was born along the river that gave it its name The first record of the two-wheeled vehicle being made was at Fort Pembina. The North West Company trader Alexander Henry Jr. taught the men at his fort how to construct the cart.It took a few years for the design to be perfected. In the beginning the wheels were simply swan off the end of logs about three feet one meter in diameter and solid wood. The next year the design included four spokes. The year after that saw a general dished shape to the wheel appear formed by spokes inclining outward from the cart body. Dished wheels gave the cart better stability.

how did it impact north dakota

it was easier to get small supplies to one another and light having no metal on the cart and to have a ox,milk cow, or a horse pulling the cart many Dakota settlers used these to also to carry there hay for there cattle
Life of a Metis Trapper - Part V: The Red River Cart
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