Welcome to Lineville

By Aaron



What you are about to hear is what Lineville Intermidiate School has and doesn't have. That you may have had or not have had at elementary school. I only chose 5 of those things but when you go to Lineville you will find a loooooooooooooot more.

Lineville simerlarities and differences

Music choices

There are 3 different music choices. Like choir that is when you sing in front of your parents at the concerts. Band is when you have to blow the right notes. Then finally there is orchestra when you have to use a string to rub against a string instrument to make noise. Those are the 3 music choices you will have when you have to choose.There are a lot of differences in your 1 music choice to 3 music choices.

Day 1 and day 2 classes

On a day 1 I have team time,language arts,math,art,star time,science,social studies,choir,and guided study. On day 2 I have team time,language arts,math,gym,star time,science,social studies,technology,and guided study. So that is a lot more classrooms that you were in in elementary school. That is also a lot more classes you were in than elementary school.

Those are just some of the differences you have

between school classes and Lineville classes.

In 5 different classrooms

You are in a lot of classrooms every day. At the beginning of the day I am in mrs.sharmans for team time. Then I go to mrs.utecs for language arts. Then I go to mrs.brandts for math. Then I go to gym or art. Then I go to mrs.sharmans for star time. Then I go to mrs.brandts for science. Then I go to mrs.utecs for social studies. Then I go to technology or choir. Then finally I go to mrs.brandts for guided study. That is a lot more classrooms you are in then when you were at your 4th grade school.That is the typical classrooms you are in every day at Lineville.

Switching classes

There are some rules and differences when you are switching classes. Like you have to talk from a level 0 to 1. You have 4 minutes to get to each class. You cannot fool around. Also you don't get walked by your teacher to every class. Those are just a couple rules and differences you have when you are in the hallway.

Recess 5 - 10 minutes/no playground

Your recess is very different. Like your recess was probably 20 to 40 minutes. But ours is only 5 to 10 minutes. You also had a playground but we don't. You also are probally allowed to go in your field if it's not wet but we hardly ever are allowed to go into the field so for us it is ussally blacktop only or no recess. Those are just some of the differences you will have when you have recess at Lineville.


Hope you learned a lot. I also hope that you have good luck and that you will not be scared or worried when you go to Lineville.