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Come on down to the AMD Music Shack! We have the biggest collection of African Instruments. We have trained professional African dance instructors ready to teach you! We are also have music books that have songs about hardships and religious feelings just as the medieval Africans sang! Our music books also have the blues, spiritual, gospel, ragtime, jazz, and rap songs.

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For a limited time only, we are selling a book called "The Importance of African Music and Dance." This book tells of how African music and dance played a part in almost all aspects of African life. African slaves sang songs to remind them of their homeland. They also used music and dance to express religious feelings or to get through an everyday task. This book is only limited time from November 4-16. Preorder it now! Our Black Friday sales are making all of our African drums, whistles, horns, flutes, and banjos for 50% off from November to December 2015!

Other Facts

  • In most African songs, the lead singer calls out a line, and the other singers sing it back
  • African song styles developed into more modern song styles, for example, songs of hardships turned into blues and songs about religious faith and hopes for freedom were turned into spiritual and gospel
  • Music and dance played a part in almost all aspects of African life