Celebrating Fifty Years of Excellence - January 15, 2016

Data Room Update

Have you posted your most recent data in the Data Room? If not, please attempt to complete this by Tuesday at 12:00 PM. Ms. Peggy Goodman has asked the four cluster elementary principals and one AP from each school to meet in our Data Room for a conversation about data-driven teaching and learning. I will be sharing how we use our Data Room for professional conversations focused on increasing academic rigor at MPES.

Please remember to identify your free-reduced lunch students on your data as we focus on this sub-group. Thanks.

Certified Preference Form

For all certified staff,

Please complete the attached preference form no later than Friday, January 22, so preparations can be made to begin preliminary planning for 2016-2017 staffing.


Spelling Bee Live...

On Thursday, January 21, at 9:00 AM, Ms. Devitt is planning on showing our Grade 3-5 Spelling Bee live on our new IPTV system. In order to do this, your laptop must be "wired" to the internet, not wireless.

How to view this live feed is explained below. Viewing this is optional for grades K-2 because they do not participate in this event.

Big image

Faculty Meeting Tuesday

We will meet in the cafeteria immediately after the last bus.


  • Our "charge" for second semester
  • Achievement Level Descriptors (link below)
  • Cyber "snow" Days
  • RBES Staff Surveys

TLC Thursday

TLC members,

Please talk with your colleagues and send me any agenda items for our meeting at 3 PM in the Data Room.


Let us turn our thoughts today to Martin Luther King...enjoy.