To Kill a Mockingbird

Chapters 4-5

What to Look For...

In the next few chapters we begin to meet some new characters in Maycomb. Scout and Jem also show their childish ways as Atticus flexes his parenting muscle.

Miss Maudie Atkinson
Miss Maudie is a unique character in the story. Read closely Scout's description of her. Is she a good and moral person? Does she seem like a character that will be an ally or an enemy to the Finches? Does she represent what you think a typical woman of the 1930's would be?

Childish Ways
This episode in part 1 helps build the intrigue of Boo Radley. Scout continues to be an outsider to the adult world throughout part 1. Along with Jem and Dill, Scout tries to make sense of people like Boo Radley, but her innocence and immaturity get in the way. Think about your own childhood. Were there strange and scary things about which you obsessed? Did you create your own idea of something you were not sure about?
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