Independent Study

By: Ashwin purohit

What do I want to do?

A Pediatrician

I can choose any ideal job that I think I am good at or what I would prefer to do. I want to become and understand a pediatrician, and grow into the medical field. being a pediatrician has always been a dream of mine, and my parents think it is a good idea. I have been studying a pediatrician and my dad teaches me the things they do in a lab.


Pediatricians have all sorts of things to do. they use many materials as well.

A stethoscope is an instrument used to listen to your heart.

an otoscope looks into your ears and nose.

An ophthalmoloscope is used to look into your eyes.

Sphygomomanoter is a blood pressure cuff to measure your blood pressure.

A thermometer is used to take your temperature.

A tongue depressor is used to hold down your tongue when the doctor looks into your throat.

Reflex hammer taps your knee to elicit reflexes by tapping on the tendons.


Well for a couple years now, I have been studying and sometimes watching my dad work in the lab. he teaches me what to do in different kinds of cases, like flu or a disease. from him I learned what its like to be a doctor and what they do everyday.

What do they do?

Each one of them works with children and are very knowledgeable on how to talk to them very smoothly, and give correct info about their patient. They know how to properly use the instruments to check up a child, or make them feel better. each doctor must earn a degree in college and take 4 years of med school and then 2 more years of residency to become a full pediatrician. Pediatricians have many methods and strategies when it comes to working with kids. They can't always cooperate with the doctor, like the kids would be scared of a shot, and the doctors must work with them on how to agree with them and coincide with each other. The doctors must be very serious about the task at hand and know what they are doing to a child.

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