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Week of July 13, 2014


Recently, the Board of Directors responded to member frustration, posted on Facebook, about receiving letters from the HOA. In our reply we outlined a series of changes that are in the works and promised to develop a list of community standards and offer them to our members for public comment.

Article 1, Section 1.9 of our Declaration defines Community-Wide Standards as "The standard of conduct, maintenance, or other activity generally prevailing throughout the Properties." We developed this list by observing the results of the hard work, pride and behavior “prevailing" in our community. We hope to start an ongoing conversation about the continuous improvement of our community. This effort will not succeed without consensus from our members. We need and want your input. Please let us know what you think about these standards either by commenting on our CP Facebook Page or replying via email to this edition of our newsletter.

Covington Place Community-Wide Standards


· Lawns are mowed and edged regularly to keep an even well-kept appearance.

· Lawns are maintained to prevent weeds and unwanted grasses.

· Lawn bare spots are repaired with sod or seed.

· Bare earth areas are covered with mulch.

· Debris and trimmings are removed from yards, driveways and sidewalks.

· Flowerbeds and natural areas are well-defined, weed-free and have the appearance of well-maintained groundcover.

· Shrubs and ornamental trees are properly trimmed.

· Trees and shrubs are kept clear of the sidewalk.


· Garbage cans are kept out of view.

· Trash and yard debris are neatly set out just before pick up.

· Trailers, boats and recreational vehicles are kept out of view.

· Abandoned or junk vehicles are removed from the property.

· Cars are only parked on driveways or in streets, never on lawns.

· Repairs to the home’s exterior and property are performed properly.

· Faded and failing painted surfaces are replaced with HOA approved colors.

· Household equipment, hoses, mowers, garden tools, firewood, etc. are properly stored out of view.

· Trash, newspapers and litter are placed in the proper receptacle.

· Dirt, wood, and construction materials are removed from the property.

· Garage doors are closed when not in use.

· Changes or additions to the exterior of the property are submitted for approval to the HOA.

· Only approved mailboxes are installed and maintained.


· Cars are parked in the street only when the garage and driveway are inaccessible.

· Cars are parked appropriately on the streets allowing clear access to police, fire and emergency vehicles.

· Speed limits and stop signs within the subdivision are strictly observed.

· Resident vehicles display the Green HOA sticker.

· Pool and tennis court rules are observed.

· Safety concerns in the Common Areas are quickly reported to Subdivision Services.

· Only licensed drivers operate golf carts.

· Leash laws are observed.

· Pet waste is properly discarded.

· Suspicious activity is immediately reported to the Covington Police.


Covington Place lost a wonderful neighbor and friend this past week - R. Dale Pearce. Dale passed away on Sunday, July 6th at home. His career was spent in a variety of sales, marketing, and management positions with Ford Motor Company and most recently with Colony Realty. Dale was well respected by his peers and was devoted to his family and faith. He was married to Linda Ball Pearce for 41 years and had 2 children and 3 grandchildren. Dale will be greatly missed by all who knew him.


For the overall safety of our neighborhood, the HOA provides each resident with green stickers to be placed on the rear windshield (lower left corner) of each vehicle you own. These stickers do not list our neighborhood name on purpose but are easily recognizable by the Covington Police and all CP residents. They are an extra safety precaution so that you know which vehicles belong in the pool/tennis court parking lot as well as driving around the neighborhood.
Send an email to and provide your name, street address, and the number of vehicles you have and they will be delivered to your mailbox.
If you trade vehicles or get a new one, don't forget to ask for new stickers too! Thanks!


If you signed up to take out the trash at the pool, please be sure to do so on the date you selected or make arrangements for someone else to take it out for you. Trash left over from week to week is a health hazard to those using the pool. THANK YOU for taking on this important volunteer duty!

Here is the remaining schedule for this summer:

7/16 - Brian Dean
7/23 - Scott Woodall
7/30 - Porter Atkinson
8/6 - John & Shanna Maxwell
8/13 - Kristian Shriver
8/20 - Warren Gallop
8/27 - Kaye Plitt
9/3 - Tommy Hise
9/10 - Claudia & William Callaway
9/17 - Roberta Winnicki
9/24 - Don Johnson

The Pool will close for the 2014 season at the end of the day on Sunday, September 28th.


If you have new neighbors next to you or on your street, please ask them to send their email address(es) to so that they can be added to our Newsletter. Also, ask them to join our neighborhood Facebook page - "Covington Place Neighborhood Announcements."
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Collins Pool Services - 770-389-9999

Pool Wi-Fi Password - 7707882543

Subdivision Services - 678-284-0244

Grace Management - 770-389-6528

Mailbox Repair/Replacement - Jonathan/Thomas Freeman, 770-356-7290

Clubhouse Rental - Kaye Plitt, 404-606-8062,

Covington Police - 911 or 770-385-2053

Green Vehicle Stickers - Send email to and provide street address and number of vehicles

Social Committee - Susie Keck,, 404-702-5032