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Sami Foreid

Article 1

Title of Article: Man charged with Australian toddlers murder.

Author: ABC News

Date of Article: December 15, 2015

Source of Article:

Fact One: The mother and daughter were believed to be murdered in 2008.

Reason For Importance: They were murdered in 2008, their remains were found in 2010, and a man was charged in 2015.

Fact Two: Daniel Holdom was arrested for the murder of the mother and daughter.

Reson For Importance: They finally arrested someone for the murder.

Fact Three: The little girls birth certificate was found in the killers home.

Reason For Importance: That linked Holdom to the murder.

In 2008, a mother and her two-year old daughter were murdered by Daniel Holdom. The mother was murdered just a few days before the daughter. They had found the little girls remains in a suitcase on the side of the highway after it had been sitting there for at least 2 years.

I think that the man who killed them is sick and should be thrown in jail for life. It also said that the suitcase where the little girl was found had been sitting there for at least two years but no body found it sooner, I don't understand how no one looked in the suitcase before the two years.

Article 2

Title of Article: Fierce Wildfires in Australia Destroy Homes

Author of Article: Sky News

Date published: December 10, 2015


Fact 1: Temperatures reached to 140 degrees with strong winds.

Reason for Importance: The excessive heat and winds cause the fire to spread wildly and get bigger.

Fact 2: Cooler weather is expected in the next few days.

Reason for Importance: It will allow some of the flames to go with with the cool weather and hopefully some snow coming in.

Fact 3: A major road link between Melbourne and Sydney is closed with 300 firefighters battling the fire.

Reason for Importance: With the major road closed and all the firefighters, it shows how massive and dangerous the fire is.

There is a massive wildfire that is overtaking Australia. There is over 300 fire fighters battling the fire trying to put it out but nothing is really helping them right now. People were trying to get out of their houses and all of their belongings before the fire could destroy everything they own.

I think its pretty scary. I couldn't imagine a guy wildfire taking over our neighbor hood and destroying everything that everyone ones. Hopefully the fire gets put out soon before it destroys all of Australia and gets even bigger.

Article 3:

Title of Article: Three arrested in Mexico over suspected killing of two Australian Surfers

Author of Article: Associated Press in Culiacán

Date Published: December 4, 2015


Fact 1: Prosecutors have detained 3 suspects in connection to the killing of 2 Australian surfers.

Reason for Importance: They have found the people that killed the surfers.

Fact 2: It was just a group of men who did the robbing on the highway, there was no link to the gang.

Reason for Importance: The police know that the gang had nothing to the killing.

Fact 3: There were 5 men that were apart of the robbery but only 3 were arrested.

Reason for Importance: There is still 2 men that have not been charged.

In late November, 2 Australian surfers were found burned to death in a van near Sinola, Mexico, a area known to dangerous drug cartels. On December 4, they arrested at least 3 of the men that were linked to the murders of the two surfers. It was said that the men had no link to the gang. They are still looking for the other two men.

I'm glad that they have arrested at least 3 of the men and they have found out who killed him. I think that it was pretty freaky, one of the men was shot in the face but didn't die then, they both died when they were burned alive. I can't imagine being shot in the face and living through it.