Battle of Midway

June 4-7 1942

The Battle of Midway was faught at the U.S. midpacific base Midway.

Midway is an American naval base located in the Central Pacific.


The Japanese were on the offensive and decided to launch an attack on the U.S. naval base of Midway. The attack was drawn short when Americans intercepted a coded message. Once uncoded the message gave the Americans time to prepare for the upcoming ambush.

Faught between United States and Japan (won by United States)

Casualties: Japan- 4 Carriers, 1 Cruiser, 292 Aircrafts, 2500 soilders. America- 1 Carrier, 145 Aircraft, 307 Soilders

What was significant about this battle?

America finally decided to take the offensive against Japan.

Interesting Facts

  • Battle was led by Admiral Chester Nimitz.
  • Japanese Admiral Isoroku Yamamato.
  • After the end of the battle, Japan would be on the defensive.