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SCIENCE:  Food Chains & Food Webs, Producers, Consumers, Decomposers, Parasites, and Scavengers, OH MY!!!  Students are using the posters they made on Friday and over the weekend at craft their learning about the levels of energy in any given ecosystem.  I love their artwork that the kiddos took pride in creating.  Each poster is so original.  We will finish them up tomorrow.  Food Chains and Webs came home tonight they created.  They are to classify each link on their chains as an energy source, producer, consumer, and decomposer.  I sent home pictures of their learning this morning.  Good stuff!  Next week we will have special visitors that will bring in hands-on inquiries about one particular predator-prey partnership.  I wonder "Whoooooo" it could be?MATH:  Division was assessed today.  The students worked so hard on their quizzes.  With practice, every single learner can be sure to have mastery on this skill by the end of the nine-weeks!  We will use division facts facts to understand and build on patterns that we will start next week.  WRITING:  Subject, Predicates, Adverbs??  Starting this week your learners are getting small mini-lessons each day to help them understand just how words work together to complete thoughts and ideas as authors this year!  We've conquered subjects, predicates, fragments, and simple sentences this week.  All learners needed a quick dose of review in order to begin making those memoirs of theirs literary wonders!READING:  Make sure your student is bringing home their small guided reading books with them and completing their reading seclections each night.  Your learners know what they have to read.  They have done a great job of this so far so keep up the great work!  SOCIAL STUDIES:  We are headed west!  We have been discussing the ways settlers made their way across the United States and writing a journal along the journey.  The students have given a lot of thought into how these early settlers altered ecosystems and landscapes of the early West.  We will soon learn about the Transcontinental Railroad and the challenges it presented. 


Open House will be next Thursday, October 18th from 6-7:30.  Stop by our classroom to see what your student has accomplished so far this year.  They will be your personal tour guides for the evening!  ** Remember, this will not be the appropriate time to conference about your student's strengths and weaknesses.  We can schedule another time to do so if you feel you need to. 

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