Synthetic Medicine

The impacts of synthetic medicine on society.

What is Synthetic?

Synthetic is a substance that is produced by an artifical rather than a natural process or material ( Synthetic Medicine is manmade, opposed to natural remedies. A reason that synthetic medicine became so popular is that is can be made consistently with the same product every time. Examples of synthetic medicine include pain medication, daily vitamins, sleeping medication, and many more.

Studies Have Shown the Positive Impacts of Synthetic on Society

In a Recent Study, Synthetic Oil Gives Hope to Improve Autism Spectrum Disoders

The rodent equivalent of a rare autism spectrum disorder (ASD) called Rett Syndrom (includes autism-like signs) were fed a diet supplemented with synthetic oil triheptanoin. Triheptanoin is tasteless, oderless, and thin. "..the results of the triheptanoin treatment were impressive, the researchers say. Treated mice had healthier mitochondria, improved motor function, increased social interest in other mice, and lived four weeks - 30% - longer than mice who did not recieve the oil."

In Rett Syndrome, it has been identified that some of its "neurological symptoms could stem from metabolic deficiencies caused by faulty mitochondria and reduced energy for brain cells." Mitochondrial defects have also been seen in other autism spectrum disorders. While, it is still too early in the research to assume that this oil will work with people with ASDs, the results give researchers hope that they could help imporve many ASDs without having to indentify each contributing cause.

Also, a Synthetic Collagen Mimics Natural Clotting

Recently, a synthetic collagen was invented using the material KOD. Many benefits were seen by using this synthetic collagen. For example, "Lab tests showed KOD hydrogel trapped red blood cells to stop bleeding and, unlike commercial barriers, binds and activates platelets that form clots and promote healing. The tests also determined KOD does not promote inflammation."

The intended purpose for this synthetic collagen is not to be used in an immediate situation and not something a first responder is going to use. Rather, it can be more effective in a situation where scarring is a concern, more site directed applications such as surgical bleeding.

Is Synthetic The Right Choice?

With the information provided, synthetic is definitely the wiser choice for the health of America. With limited resources running out, we need a replacement to fulfill this loss. Synthetic medicine helps with everything from having a slight pain, to having a rare cancer. With many more health problems occurring today, we cannot count on natural medicine to help us cure these. Synthetic is better for everyone around us.

By: Morganne Clark, Reese Hammond, Tori Samson & Maddie Proctor

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