Giant Panda

help the pandas


The giant panda has black ears,arms,legs,a nose and eyes. The head is mostly white and so is the stomach.

Why Pandas are becoming extinct.

Pandas are dying off because of people building rail roads over the Pandas habitat. The panda would say life is hard because of habitat loss.

Where pandas live in Africa.

Pandas live in Rain forests in Africa.


The pandas habitat is different from other habitats because most African animals have a dry or grassy land for a habitat.

Helping their habitat

Pandas help the rain forest when they get seeds stuck in their fur. The seeds fall out when they walk making more plants.

Creating the Pandas habitat.

To create the Pandas habitat you would need to grow a small rain forest with lots of bamboo and leaves and make a big dome made of metal bars.

Is the giant panda worth protecting.

The giant panda is worth protecting because if we don't protect them they will die off and nobody will be able to see how cool they rely are.


An African zoo would be best for a African giant panda. A panda would not change if moved to a zoo because it does not need to stop hunting or start hunting.

people protecting pandas.

worldwildlife and AfricanWildlifeFoundation are protecting pandas


I am a Panda

Black and White as a old tv

I eat bamboo

I am fun

I can climb

I can eat allot of food

I am a Panda