Nearer Than The Sky

"Lush, evocative."

Plot Summary

This book is about Indie Brown, whose mother is suffering from Munchausen Syndrome by proxy. Munchausen Syndrome is the "mental disorder in which a person repeatedly feigns severe illness so as to obtain hospital treatment." Because her mother has this syndrome, it will disturb the whole family: Indie, her youngest sister (Lily), and her oldest brother. Indie now has made her own life with her husband, Peter, until she has pulled back to help her baby niece whom is sick. Indie presumes that she is sick due to Lily, the infant's mother, only to find that her mother was enforcing Lily's own ill childhood, and therefore is passing this sickness on to her own child.
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Judy: Indie's mother

All Indie remembers is the horrific childhood memories she has of her mother. Her mother tells the stories of her as the hero in all situations. Her mother favored her youngest, beautiful chid, Lily. Judy has brought stress between Indie and Lily... explaining the reason why Indie now lives in rural Maine.Her mother has now passed her sickening syndrome on to her child, Lily. And now Lily has passed it on to her infant child - bringing Indie to come and help.

Why Should You Read It?

This book is filled with detailed description. It is so real and unbelievable - it captures you in so many emotions. This IS a book you do not want to put down! It shows what it is like to have Munchausen Syndrome, and what it is like to live around someone who has Munchausen Syndrome. You can honestly feel what the main character, Indie, is going through.

About T Greenwood

T Greenwood, an author of seven novels, now teaches creative writing at San Diego's Writer's Ink and is an "aspiring photographer." Her, her husband (Patrick), and her two daughters, live in San Diego, California. To find more about her and her books, go to her website: or her blogs: and

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