The Wolf Howl

Week of 12/11/15

Wolfgang says "Please help!

One more week to hunt for Wolfie! He often feels frightened when he is left alone for too long, so keep your eyes peeled. Usually he has his little hand sticking out hoping someone will help!

Holiday Shutdown Procedures

Please be sure that everything is turned off before you leave on December 18 - if you can, please unplug everything - everything! Please unplug your charging cart for your technology because you can charge them up on the Monday work day that we are back.

Most importantly, throw away any food that is partially used or eaten. Roaches can chew through paper to get to treats, and fruit flies (gnat like bugs) thrive on old fruit in lockers and desks. We don't want to come back to a buggy school!

All this unplugging helps our district save money - every little bit counts!

Thought Exchange at CTMS

You might remember that parents, community members, and staff had the opportunity to participate int he first district "Thought Exchange" program in the fall. Unlike a typical parent survey, participants offered opinions regarding four open ended questions about CTMS. After step one was completed, the participants had the opportunity to view others' comments and assign stars to the comments that resonated with them.

Attached is the link that will allow you to view the comments and stars. The survey is sorted by the number of stars and participants. If you have questions about how the survey results are set up, please ask a member of the CEC: Barbara, Chris H., Lacey, Klocke, Brendon or students Alex Havens, Patty Wozniak, or Riya Mohan. The CEC looked at these results on Tuesday. We will talk about the results in January staff meeting.

Thankful Thursday Thoughts

As I attended the math/science meet on Saturday, was at the band concert last night, and remembered that Callie is taking choir kids to see "Elf - The Musical" on Saturday, I am always in AWE of the amount of "outside school" time that our Wolf Staff spends to give our Wolves amazing experiences. So, today I am grateful for:

Nikki, Rachel, Nate, Brooke, Destiny, Jason, Darien, Billy, Jerry, and Preston for all the HOURS that they spend at tournaments and games with our athletes;

Elizabeth and Trish for all their time with Math/Science team

Jennifer H. and Melissa C. -all that cheer time

Renee and Janis - all those dance team practices

Callie, Paul, and Laura - for giving musical opportunities to our Wolves

MaryAnne - ceramics club time

Shannon - all those Saturdays and evenings with Playbill Wolves

Melissa, Terry, and Jennifer S - for AVID club activities

Karen M. - for all that time after school and coming up for FPS and CMPS

Lisa S, Beth, and Laurie for afterschool meetings for Stu Co and NJHS.

Jaime L -SLACKERs and afterschool events with that group

Nate Dunn - FLL Robotics league Saturday competitions

I truly apologize if I left out a club/afterschool activity. Please let me know - I am grateful for you too!

Exam Schedule

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

8:10 - 8:15 - announcements

8:15 - 9:30 – 1st Period Exam

9:34 - 10:19 – 2nd Period

10:23 - 11:08 – 3rd Period

1:12 - 12:58 - 5th Period

A lunch - 11:12 - 11:42

B lunch - 11:28 - 11:58

C lunch - 12:10 - 12:40

D lunch - 12:28 - 12:58

1:02 - 1:47 – 4th Period

1:51 - 2:36 – 6th Period

2:40 - 3:25 – 7th Period

Thursday, December 17, 2015

8:10 - 8:15 - announcements

8:15 - 9:30 – 2nd Period Exam

9:35 - 10:50 – 3rd Period Exam

Friday, December 18, 2015

8:10 - 8:15 - announcements

8:15 - 9:30 – 5th Period Exam

9:35 - 10:50 – 6th Period Exam

10:55 - 12:10 – 7th Period Exam

**Monday, January 4, 2016 -- Make-up exams 8:00-11:00**

Mark Your Calendars!

Saturday, 12/12 - 7th grade girls' BB Tournament

Monday, 12/14 - Queso in the kitchen lounge!

AVID site team meeting - 3:30 Popp's room

7th/8th gr. boys' BB vs. CMS @ home

7th/8th grade girls BB vs. Dawson @ away

Tuesday, 12/15 - no grade level meetings!

CTMS Choir Winter concert - GHS 7:00 p.m.

Wednesday, 12/16 - Lisa out - LEAD 2021

1st period exam - altered schedule

Thursday, 12/17- final exams - 12:10 release

Baked potato lunch - 12:30 library - BYOB

Friday, 12/18 - final exams - 12:10 release

End of first semester and third six weeks

Wolf Howls!

Big image
Sarah howls for Stephanie for problem solving on the fly and getting a bus for the Nutcracker when there was a bus mixup!!!

Terry Popp gives a HUGE Howl to Melissa C and her AVID Club leadership! Our Wolves enjoyed learning about being a restaurant manager from a chef! And, designing a unique "taco" will be a memory for years!

Brooke gives huge and very gracious howls to Rachel, Nate, and Destiny for working and running our 8th grade basketball tournament. Parents and coaches were very appreciative and there was a great turnout!

Patty gives a Wolf Howl to Bridget for going above and beyond to get our copies made, despite copy issues.

Terry Popp hoowwwlls for Davis and Dunn for the Lego Robotics Club! She was fascinated by the energy, enthusiasm, and creativity in your room!

Megan howls for Kim Ware for helping in the nurse's office on Tuesday! She handled a smashed finger beautifully!

Brooke gives a big howl to Billy K. for running the book at the last minute during our first game on Friday.

Terry Popp howls out for our band team, Paul and Laura! The Winter Concert really made our Wolves shine, and was a true reflection of the commitment you make to our students.

Sarah howls for our amazing cafeteria staff for putting together sack lunches for our students when the order didn't go through. Thank you!

Brooke gives a loud howl to Bridget for working the gate both Friday and Saturday!

Pat, Elizabeth, and Kate give a rousing howl to Audrey Riggs and Vickie Thompson for their awesome handling of a potentially difficult situation in a recent ARD. Their calming voices and expert knowledge controlled the meeting in a very positive way. Thank you!!

Mary Ann howls for Jason for helping with a difficult student during Wolf Time!

Lisa D. howls for Trish and Elizabeth for running such a successful math and science team! We have 45 students competing tomorrow!

Chrissy sends a long and loud wolf howl to Bridget! Thank you for all you do, even when the copier decides to have a major meltdown!

Pat gives a big howl to Elizabeth for printing semester exam answer documents for several teachers that were struggling to figure out the process. Thank you for making our lives easier!

Lisa D. howls for Lisa G and the math team for a great PLC on Thursday! It was energizing and fun! Thank you!

MaryAnne howls for Dianne L. for her back up in a conference with a student! Thank you!