1920's Music

About the different types of music

In the 1920's the people of America usually danced, and sang to Jazz. By the mid 20's jazz has made its way into dance halls, roadhouses, and speakeasies. At first, jazz found its way into marching bands, and dance bands. The people who listened to jazz music were bringing it to locations so remote, that no one could hear them.
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More about Jazz

In its early years, jazz was known as the devils music, by diverse segments of the American public. The public became more and more vigorous, and the rage debated between the supporters and detracters. A typical exchange later on between Ernest Newman who was a music critic, and jazz-king Paul Whiteman. Newman debunked jazz music in 1927, in a magazine article. Whiteman quickly replied saying that jazz was a genuine musical force.
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Daces that went along with jazz

In the 1920's, the public dance halls, clubs, and tea rooms opened in the cities. Strangely, named black dances, inspired by the African style dance moves like, the shimmy, turkey trot, buzzard lope, chicken scratch, monkey glide, and the bunny hug. These dances were eventually adopted by the general public. The cake walk, developed by slaves, they created it as a send-up of their masters' formal dress balls, it became all the rage. White audiences saw these dances first in vaudeville hall.