Jaguar News

A Monthly Update for Meadow Ridge Families

Principal's Message - March 2021

Hello, Jaguar Families!

What a gorgeous start to the month this has been! The sunshine and relatively mild temperatures have unleashed a new energy around our school. The grass is trying to green up, coats are being shed at recess, P.E. classes are being held outside...all sure harbingers of spring! While I am sure we are still a few weeks away from seeing flowers pop their heads up from the ground, all I have to do is take a stroll through our halls to see flowers springing from the walls, as student art signals the transition to a new season. This is truly a wonderful time of year to be in an elementary school.

This renewed energy carries over into each and every classroom here at Meadow Ridge. With winter report cards and conferences completed, we are entering one of our most instructionally rich stretches of time. Between now and Spring Break there is SO much learning that takes place and, along with that, tremendous growth in our students. Thank you for supporting this important time by ensuring your child is attending class (be it in person or virtually) every day, as well as by checking in with them regularly about their learning. Conversations about the school day, particularly those which occur well after our dismissal bell rings, have an immeasurable impact on making learning "real" for go ahead and ask your Jaguar what they learned today in school! :)

As always, thank you for taking the time to read through this newsletter. In a year that has forced us to be largely disconnected from others, I sincerely hope these monthly updates provide some measure of "connectedness" to our school for all of our families!


Robin Placzek

Meadow Ridge Principal

DW's Corner

Welcome March 2021!

Spring is in the air! I love feeling the sunshine, listening to the birds, and watching the kids play outside in the soggy field. It's been a long winter and it's hard to believe that at this time, one year ago, our world changed. One year ago, I'd never worn a mask (unless I was freezing skiing), and now I own three. I am so proud of us! All Of Us. Students. Parents. Grandparents. Principal. Staff. Business Partners. Community Members. We survived this long year. We kept showing up, whether in person or remote, and we adapted to what was needed of us. And with spring, comes renewed hope and optimism for the rest of this school year. Our students continue to grow and learn, and as we walk through the days ahead, we'll keep focusing on the good. Where focus goes, energy flows, and "the good" is what matters most.

Please let me know if you need anything ( In the meantime, stay kind, be brave, and remember...we can do hard things.


Time for Kindergarten Registration

We are excited to announce that kindergarten registration for the 2021-22 school year is now open! Click this link to be taken to the Online Registration Portal. You can also stop by the school and pick up a paper registration packet between 8am-4pm, Monday through Friday. We can't wait to welcome our newest Jaguars!!!

Meadow Ridge PTO Update

Our school wouldn't be the same without the efforts of our Jaguar parents and families! Click here for the latest PTO newsletter. We would love it if you would join us for our next meeting (held virtually, of course) on Monday, March 15th at 6:30pm by following this Zoom link:

Important Dates to Remember

Student Drop-Off Reminder

We are still seeing several folks dropping students off in the back parking lot/bus loop. In the interest of safety for students and bus drivers, please do not drive to the back parking lot to drop off your child. As a reminder, the only location for student drop off is in the front of the school. The back parking lot is for staff parking only and for our school buses to drop off/pick up students.Thank you for observing our rules and keeping kids and drivers safe!

March PAWS Awards

Our student favorite "Menu of Choices" for PAWS award winners is back! Student names will be drawn for PAWS awards on Tuesday morning and they will have the remainder of the week to redeem their reward choice. We always love celebrating our PAWSOME Jaguars!