Emperor Tamarin

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Fact file

Emperor tamarin : lives in Brazil, Peru and Bolivia Tamarin eats insects, fruits and trees. Tamarin can not dig because of flat feet but he can climb trees. This species lives up to 17 years in captivity and in the wild about 10 years.


Descride the animal

Dark gray body; Limbs, ears and head black; Orange tail and sometimes black. Tamarin big white mustache; 23 cm body length, tail length between 39 cm. Weighs 450 grams

Movie about her life

Dysfunctional families - the Emperor Tamarin - Clever Monkeys - BBC

Why Is This Animal Unique?

We think this animal is special because of the long mustache that makes it different. And such animal not see every day.

A Pet

No. Because it is hard to raise a pet not know about a lot of information and this makes treatment more difficult. And because she was special and we love animals we know.