New type of fish has been found in the Nile river in Africa

Pig Fish

The pig fish has a pig face and a fish body. The pig fish comes from the Nile River in Egypt. They have only found three in the whole world. The climate of Egypt is hot desert in one part and a tropical rain forest in the other. The Tropical rain forest gets a lot of rainfall a year. That is where The Nile river is located. There are lots of different animals in the Nile river. 60% of the animals are dangerous.

The pig fish

The river

The river is shallow until it gets to the middle part its very deep. There are lots of different

plants and animals in the Nile River. The pig fish eats grass and lots of other different

plant. The pig fish was found when two guys were fishing and they caught one of the crazy looking fish. The pig fish can not survive in temperatures under 30 degrees.

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