Women's Rights

Reforment Movements Project


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Why do we have a problem with women's rights? And who supports this?

What is the problem that has sparked for our movement?

  • Gender inequality between men and women is out of hand!
  • We are angry that black men have been granted the right to vote before women!

Who started this movement?

  • WOMEN!!
  • National Women's Suffrage Association
  • American Women Suffrage Association
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Does our fight have goals?

Our goals we hope to accomplish by 1870:

  • The right to vote
  • The right to own property
  • Better education
  • Equal wages

What we want to change with these goals:

  • To change the fact that women can not vote
  • Women's ability to own land
  • Allowing women to keep their own wages
  • Equal wages from men and women
  • Secure the ballot through state legislation

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Accomplishments we Have Made

Laws Passed:

  • New York's Married Women's Property Act (1848)

Ideas that we made popular:

  • Equality between men and women for voting, owning property, keeping wages, and others (EQUALITY)

Things that we have changed:

  • Women are able to vote
  • Women are treated more equal in society

Our Supporters