Andrew Jackson is Zero

There are many reasons why people should hate him

The Trail of Tears

Jackson's forced removal of Native Americans from their land in the East to New Territory west of the Mississippi River even though they didn't want to leave. They had no choice but to leave because the US government forced them to.

The Spoil System

When Jackson was president he fired 20% of federal officials and put in his supporters that helped him during the election of 1828. This was known as the spoil system and some of these people were not even qualified and it was unfair that Federal Officials only got fired because Jackson wanted unqualified friends instead of them.

Andrew Jackson Went Against The Judicial Review.

Jackson Exercised his power in government too much and ignored the other two Branches of the Government. He also went against the Supreme Court in the case Worcester vs. Georgia and even though the court sided with the Cherokees, Jackson sent them away using the US army and went against the Judicial Review which is the Doctrine under Legislative and Executive actions.

Jackson and the National Bank

Andrew Jackson hated the idea of the bank of the united states.he thought it wasn't fair to the poor people. So he destroyed it. In 1832 President jackson vetoed the re-charter of the second Bank of the United States because he believed that Congress lacked Constitutional Authority to create it.
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