Rainy Day Drop Off/Pick Up


Rainy Day Drop Off/Pick Up Procedures

It seems like we were just sweating in the 80 degree heat...but here we are with rain. Here is a re-cap of the rainy day drop/off and pick/up procedures. Please be patient, as we have many new families who are getting the hang of all these procedures. The most important thing is safety!


Since the sheets need to be signed and they can't get wet, we have to follow a different procedure when it is raining.

  1. We need parents to pull into the cul-de-sac as normal, but you will need to park your car (in the same line) and bring your little one in.
  2. We will get you signed in/out as quickly as possible (there will be a table with the forms by grade...Pre-K 3, 4A, and 4B).
  3. Then, you will just head back to your car, pull out of line, and head on your way. The same is true of the afternoon.

*If it is a very slight drizzle, we may still be outside. As you drive by, we will have a sign on the front door if you need to park and walk inside.

**We need to keep the line moving as quickly as possible, so if you plan to be inside longer than just checking your child in/out, please park in the back and walk in.

***Older siblings can be dropped off/picked up with Pre-K. We will send the siblings down for the afternoon if it is a rainy day dismissal.

K - 8:

The major change with the older students is that they do not wait outside in the rain (in the safety square).

  1. On rainy day dismissals, we send all students of the same family/carpool to the classroom of the youngest student.
  2. The teachers will be outside the back doors and will communicate to the classrooms as to which car has arrived. It will take a moment for the kids to get down the hall. We will get them to the cars as quickly as possible, while maintaining safety and doing our best to keep the kids dry.
  3. As always, you are still welcome to park and come in to get your student(s), instead of waiting in line.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask one of the staff. Thank you!!

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