iPads in the Classroom

Adding value to the classroom using tablet technologies

Who will get iPads?

Individual iPads will be issued to 6th-8th grade students in order to stimulate creative thinking by adding a platform of innovation and collaboration within the classroom.

What will the iPads be used for?

Students will be engaged in collaboration and community activities by submitting assignments through online classroom programs and applications such as Edmodo and YouTube. Empowering the students to come up with creative ideas and projects of their own will stimulate the learning environment and bring the classroom into the 21st century.

Example Classroom Applications

Guaranteed to spark the creativity of the students!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the student required to return/replace iPad at the end of the year?
YES. Both the student and the parents are responsible for tablet upkeep.

What controls are in place to ensure that the students remain on task?

Using restricted networks in the classroom will prevent students from wandering the Internet, as well as monitoring by the teacher.

iPad Classroom Technologies

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