Soaring Over MDE

Week 16

Attendance Matters

While I know watching a screen is not the most ideal way to do school. Our students have been doing an amazing job of being engaged, learning, and attending classes on a daily basis. Currently our site attendance percentage is 98.9%!!! WOW!! I have loved getting into "classrooms" to see our students and teachers making the most out of this COVID situation. Keep up the great work! I know this is absolutely a TEAM effort!
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Independent Study Contract Requests

If you are requesting an Independent Study Contract, please know you must give us at least 2-weeks notice (prior to your departure.) Work must be returned the day after your student returns to "class." Please do not wait until your pick-up day to return the work.

Spirt Week is NEXT WEEK!!!

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Picture Day is COMING

PICTURE DAY IS COMING!!! Picture day is December 17th & 18th from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm. Be on the look-out for a video and written directions on Wednesday.

However, please know, only students will be allowed on campus. All students MUST be wearing a mask until it is their turn to have their picture taken. Parents will need to stay in their cars.

Schedule your appointment and pay for your pictures if you are choosing to purchase them from the link. There will be ABSOLUTELY NO WALK-UPs or DROP-INs

You must have an appointment time in order to be photographed. Sign-up HERE

Campus is still closed

Our campus remains closed. The new shelter in place that took effect on 12/6/2020 at 10pm expressly said, only playgrounds that are located on school grounds that are open for in-person instruction, may remain open. Our site IS NOT open for in-person instruction, thus, our playgrounds, our track, our facilities are NOT open for use. If you are seen doing anything other than picking-up or dropping off materials, you will be asked to leave.

Please remember that to be on campus in any way, any person above the age of 2, MUST have a mask on. If you are seen without a mask on, you will be asked to leave the campus.

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Soup Kits

This week and next, soup kits from our garden education group are being sent home. Please share photos and experiences with me to share with our staff and district.
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Samantha B. 5th Grade


Jack P. 4th Grade

Emma T. Kindergarten


Andrew C. 4th Grade


Siena G. 2nd Grade


Kenneth B. 1st Grade

Melody F. 1st Grade

Elle G. 2nd Grade

Blake W. Kindergarten


Aria T. Kindergarten

Jett W. Kindergarten


Tae-San C 5th Grade