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Data Divers is now hiring!

Market Researcher Position Open

Here is your chance to become part of our team of skilled market researchers. As

a market researcher, you will be expected to help our clients make informed decisions based on information gathered from their clients. This job will have you analyzing information from a wide ranges of companies, both local and worldwide. The data you analyze will help our clients have a better picture on where to send their resources.

Job Requirements

· A Bachelor in Economics, Business, Management, or Statistics.

· Training is required, especially in the areas of research and statistics.

· One must possess good communication skills, both oral and written, analytical skills, IT literacy, teamwork skills, and negotiation skills.

Salary and Benefits

· Starting salary: $27000 - $38000

· Salary with some experience: $38000 - $53000

· Healthcare benefits

· Use of company car for travel with reimbursement for all travel expenses.

· 8-hour work day, with overtime available every month.

Job Opportunity

The opportunity in the area for landing a job like this is high. As companies are expanding, they are hiring market researchers to get essential information that help them make important decisions on where to send their resources.

If you interested in applying for this position, please send your resume to or mail it to Human Resources, 1101 Parkway View Drive, Building #11, Pittsburgh, PA 15205.