VCS 3rd Quarter Update

January 20, 2021

3rd Quarter Plans

Dear Vanguard Classical School Families:

We hope that you have had a safe and healthy start to 2021!

As you may remember, back in early December, we sent out a letter notifying all VCS families of our plans to extend our remote learning program through at least February 5, 2021. We also stated that we would communicate a decision regarding the remainder of the 3rd quarter today, January 20, 2021. Though we frequently follow the decisions set forth by our school district, as a Colorado charter school, there are times we must take advantage of our ability to make independent decisions when we feel they are best for our community.

For the remainder of the third quarter (through Spring Break), VCS will continue with Remote Learning for all classroom instruction. Your VCS leadership team and COVID response team are still not comfortable with adding “hybrid” or “in-person” classroom instruction for the remainder of the current quarter. We are continually monitoring the data in the area (in Arapahoe, Adams, Denver, and Douglas counties), as well as receiving guidance from Tri-County Health, CDPHE, and the state of Colorado, and the trends are not where we would like for them to be at this time.

We know this is not optimal news to some members of our VCS community, and we appreciate your patience and understanding. Colorado is still experiencing very limited COVID-19 vaccination availability, and though many metrics are declining, they are still over our comfort level. These are the main drivers that led to our decision.

At VCS, we realize that some other schools and districts are currently attempting to return to hybrid and in-person learning. Your VCS leadership team feels an incredible responsibility for the instruction and learning needs of your children. Additionally, the health and safety of our students, staff, and families will always be our primary concern. These are high-stake times. Though they have only been in-person for a short time, several surrounding schools have already had to quarantine multiple classes. We want our students to be able to focus on learning without the fear of being infected and/or bringing that infection home to their loved ones. We also want our staff to be able to focus on being the best staff possible for your children without the distraction of worrying about their own safety and security. Therefore, VCS will continue to focus on providing the most consistent, quality remote instruction, without the fear of COVID-19 exposure from school contamination.

There is a light at the end of this tunnel. We have two companies, Pfizer and Moderna, that have begun rolling out phenomenally effective vaccines. It is comforting to know that we will all eventually have the opportunity to be vaccinated, ultimately leading to a time when our students will be able to return back to the building for full time in-person instruction. We are excited for that day!

As we approach Spring Break (3/15-3/19), we will revisit all of the scientific evidence and re-evaluate the health and safety conditions in the area. Our VCS leadership team and staff are incredibly hopeful that we will be able to return to some form of in-person learning for the 4th quarter. We will continue to communicate every decision to you in a timely manner, while also giving you plenty of notice to make necessary arrangements.

We appreciate all of the support you have given throughout this process. We care about your family deeply. Please continue to do everything you can do to remain safe and healthy during the next two months.


Jay Cerny – VCS Executive Director

Danielle Tomwing – VCS Board Chair

Emily Van Luit – VCS East Principal

Keria McCafferty – VCS West Principal

Dennis Steele – VCS Business and Operations Director

Katie Buckman – VCS East Nurse

Alisha Porter – VCS West Nurse