Lost in the Bottle

Sober or Not what will you chose?

Comparison of Sober and Nonsober what are you?

Things that alcoholics need to understand that it is a disease which alcohol affects the brain/central nervous system and translates into horrible thoughts/actions. Why people act certain ways is because of how little or to much they take in. Some loud, or angry, happy, or mellow. Affects of drinking to much can cause illness, puking, red skin on the face, bad liver, bad eating habits, also making the body think it needs the substance to feel normal. Many are lead to it by "being under the influence''. Many cant control themselves and over drink. Just a few can turn into a dozen. Although sober people have the benefit of with clear healthy skin. Being sober makes your body feel healthy not shut down. These people are able to say NO and control them selves. They have better eating habits/ workout habits. Also have better immune systems. Plus no more hangovers, less time wasted out of the day, 90% less anxiety, and have the privilege to go anywhere anytime and don't have to worry that you can't drive because you had to much to drink. Remembering things and not blacking out.

Jamestown Running of the green

Jamestown, North Dakota has the Running of the Green March 14. The rules of Running of the green is you get a check list you run to each bar and get to two drinks. The finishing line is the Gladstone Hotel. How fun it sounds to most adults. But yet some don't make it past the finish line let alone past 5:00 in the afternoon. This weekend I took an interview with Duncan who is a jamestown local. I talked with him before and after the run.


Q: How do you act when intoxicated? A: I manly do things that I would never do on a normal bases.

Q: Do you like being in big crowds on normal occasions? A: Not usually I'm manly a shy guy except when I drink.

Q: Can you handle your actions? A: No, I never do what is the best to do at times.

Q: How do you feel in the mornings? A: Not good at all I spend most of my time in the bathroom.

Duncan and his friends left at 2:00 for the run and came back around 7:00. The after interview was canceled because of some behavior for alcoholics many act vulnerable not wanting to talk or just be around any one. The best way for being safe on a eventful night is to A: Take a taxi or get a ride from a sober friend. B: Walk to your destination.