Pershephone Was Captured by Hades!

Why Do We Have Winter?

The Whole Story of a Godnapping!

Hades was in deep love with Persephone, so he captured her. "All I could think about was how pretty she she as," Hades said, not thinking of the consequences. Demeter, Persepones mother, said, "I searched endlessly for her!" Finally, Demeter went to Helios, the sun god, he confirmed her fears of Persephones capture. Helios claimed that he was to busy making sure the sun was in the right place and thought that the capture wasn't a big deal;would be resolved quickly. Demeter talked with Zeus and Zeus agreed to take Persephone back to her mother so long as Persephone didn't eat any of the food of the underworld, where Hades had taken her. Hermes was sent to get her. When asked about his job as a messenger, he said he thought it was fun! Before Persephone left she ate four pomegranate seeds. When asked why she did this, Persephine said she did it because she was thinking he might not be so bad and that he was just giving her a little snack for her journey. However, Hades knew she would have to return because of it. Zeus decided to compromise his deal with Demeter. He said that, instead of going back to the underworld forever, she would just go back four months in a year for the four seeds she ate. Persephone told us that she regretted that mistake very badly. When Persephones gone, though, Demeter, being the goddess of harvest, becomes sad and bitter and takes the world with her. The earth becomes cold and crops are hard to grow. This is the season we know as winter. When Persephone returns she brings spring and love and Demeter becomes joyous once more.
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Photographer and writer: Charity Pace