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November 3, 3014 Andrews Staff competed in the AVID competition in the staff meeting, to raise awareness of available school and their requirements.

Each year T.W.Andrews staff participates in the AVID competition. The AVID competition is where each staff member are required to decorate their door with college themes. This really aware the students on different schools Mascot, school colors, GPA requirements, SAT/ACT score requirements, majors, athletics, clubs, and specialties. The competition is mainly to influence and aware the students in case they want to go to a certain college, they know exactly what the requirements are. The AVID competition contained three winners and five honorable mentions. In first lace was Ms.Aguilera with the college Clemson; second place was Mr. Robinson with the college Virginia Tech; and in third place was Mr. Joyner with the college UNC Chapel Hill. The winners were announced Nov. 3 at a staff meeting. Also, the winners received gift cards and extra copies. The AVID competition is very influential and thoughtful.


On November 2, T.W Andrews band won both the states champion and drum line competition in Durham.

Last Sunday around 3pm T.W Andrews’s band traveled to Durham memorial Stadium to compete with many different 2a bands, and drum lines. There were many different categories, which is outstanding. By the time the band had left Durham Memorial Stadium, they had won nine trophies. "I felt kind of surprised and excited," a band member by the name of Bianca Crawford stated when asked how they felt when they knew they were winning each event. Bianca also stated that the band could've never accomplished what they did without hard practices daily, good work ethics, and a boost time to time from the band director and even from each other. T.W.Andrews band drum line made history on November 2, 2014. The drum line itself won the whole state championship because the defeated every other band. The drum line and band worked extremely hard to perform the outstanding performance they perform. We hope to see more trophies and awards. God job T.W.Andrews band!


Many of you know thanksgiving is coming up and everyone is ready to eat that marvelous food it’s not always about the food I’m going to tell you about the history of Thanksgiving. The first thanksgiving was on the fourth week of November in 1621 they used to call it national mourning day the first feast had deer meat and foul also Indian corn. But they are many thanksgiving traditions that people do the biggest Thanksgiving traditions are football and parades. In an­cient harvest festivals, people usually celebrated with games and sports, so you could argue the football tradition has very deep roots. The traditional American Thanksgiving football game was usually between the Detroit Lions and the Green Bay Packers, but as football has become more popular, there are now more games on Thanksgiving Day. The tradition of Thanksgiving parades goes back to the early 20th century, when people began to associate Thanksgiving with the beginning of the Christmas shopping season. In order to attract customers, stores like Macy's sponsored elaborate parades like the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. They are some weird traditions like in my family on thanksgiving we put our names in a bowl and we get out a map of the united states and we spin whoever name in a circle and tell them to walk towards the map and whatever state they choose is where we spend our Christmas. Another one is before thanksgiving we have another drawing on who gets what foods to cook.

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