Tech Tips and Tricks Tuesday

December 9, 2014

Housekeeping (If you don't read anything else in this newsletter.....)

  • We are still looking for the Chromebook mice. Please let me know if you've seen these elusive tools!

  • If you have one of the brand new Powerlite 365 Projectors (i.e., the brand new, long-necked deals) you'll want to read this. In order for the projector to sync to the computer with the same resolution, have the computer up and running before the projector is turned. Alternatively, you can push the "source search" button on the remote to have the projector find the computer and sync resolutions.

  • I need your help! Please remind your students that, when using my classroom (i.e., the computer lab), it needs to be cleaned up afterwards. It's frustrating to teach responsible use to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd graders when they walk in to a trashed lab. To help with this, there is a poster above the teacher computer with the expectations for clean-up, complete with pictures. Please do not allow students to leave UNTIL they have followed the steps on the poster. How would you like a visitor to leave your classroom after they're done? Thanks in advance for your help!

  • Please remind students that the library fundraiser runs through January 16th. we are looking for donations to buy digital and print books for the library. If you or your students' parents have questions, please let me know! We welcome any and all donations.
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Google Drive Storage

At the beginning of November I shared with you that Google increased our Drive storage from 30 GB to 1 TB. As of December 1st, Google increased our storage capacity yet again. Now all students and staff have UNLIMITED storage. Now you can store all the videos, pictures, and files you want and NEVER have to worry about running out of space.
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Chromebook Logins for Primary

Exciting news. I learned from Anna Otto that the district has finally given approval for a generic login on the CHROMEBOOKS for primary. In order to access the Chromebooks in the past, students had to use the Guest Login with no bookmarks and limited usability. Alternatively, the classroom teacher had to use their network credentials to login to each Chromebook before use which was time-consuming.

IT will begin a phased roll-out of the generic logins over the next few weeks. I anticipate it will be the same as the generic computer login (sle/Abc123), at least that's what I've submitted to IT. I will update you as soon as the new login is active so your students can sign on.

One important thing to note, students using the generic Chromebook login will NOT be able to access Gmail or Drive through the launcher. All 3rd - 5th grade students need to continue using their personal network credentials when accessing a Chromebook.