Swamp Report

February 17, 2014

Happy Monday!

Hopefully you've stumbled out of your sugar coma by now. A big thank you to the mystery person who placed sticky notes with sweet sayings in the bathroom. It's amazing what a few kind words can do for your spirit. I've loved reading your "100 reasons we love CES" sticky notes, too! Take 60 seconds and read what everyone said. It just might make your Monday a little brighter.

Upcoming Events

PTA Meeting today at 3:45 (business only)

Team Leader Meeting Thursday - 3:15 pm

Bottle Cap Alley Spirit Night this Thursday

PTA Valentine Dance Friday 6-8pm

Teacher of the Year

It's that time again! Today we will start our voting for Teacher of the Year. Please stop by Cathy's office before 8am tomorrow to vote for one person for TOY. The ballot will have the name of each eligible teacher. Typically it takes a run off of 3-4 candidates which will take place tomorrow (after we count our first ballots). To be eligible you must have 3 years of teaching experience with 2 years in KISD and must be planning to continue in an active teaching status. Here are a few other criteria from the district:

Nominees should have the respect and admiration of students, parents, and co-workers. In their communities, as well as in their schools, they should play active and useful roles, often distinguishing themselves as leaders.

It should be stressed that while all of these qualifications are to be considered, the most important is a superior ability to teach students and inspire them with a love of learning.


Please please review the information sent by Kay regarding TELPAS. It's important that we are timely and accurate with timelines and requirements. If you have questions, please ask!