Medical Scientist

What does one do in this career?

A medical scientist is a scientist trained in Biology, particularly in the context of medicine. Scientists work to gain knowledge on the main principles of how the Human body works. They also find new ways to cure or treat diseases.

How many hours does one work a week?

I would say full time, you may even need to take work home

What are pros and cons of working in this career?

Pro- using living organisms as models to conduct experiments
Con- will attend Scientific conferences, compete for research grant funding, publish scientific papers, teach classes

What type of schooling/ degrees do you need in order to work in this field?

Masters degree, Although many universities currently accept applicants holding a bachelors degree with exceptional credentials such as a high GPA and entry examination scores, as well as extensive research experience.

Where can you go to school to get needed requirements?

Baylor college of medicine, Boston university, Brown university, Emory university. These are only some of many.

What is the average starting salary for someone in this career?

42,000 or less

What is the average salary for someone in this career?

100,000 dollars a year or more

How can one get a pay raise?

More education and extra work.

How many males and females work in this field?

48.3% of medical degrees awarded in the U.S in 2009-10 were earned by women.

Will it be easy/difficult to get a job with this carrer in the next 10 years?

Government economists expect job growth for medical scientists, to be much faster than the average for all careers through 2020. In fact, its expected to be one of the fastest growing careers.