poverty is a reality issue

what is poverty ?

poverty is not having enough money to provide for their basic needs. It is when people are put in situations where they need to to work 14-18 hours a day to receive about 20 cents an hour. People work in unsafe working conditions with no protection at all. Poverty causes a lot of other global injustices like gender inequality ,and child labour

what causes poverty?

Poverty is a huge issue, in fact it is a global issue.Many people suffer from poverty in 3rd world countries like India,Pakistan, and China. Some causes of poverty are education a lot of people who go through poverty didn't or don't had/have an education and are probably not going to send their kids to school. overpopulation for example India has a population of 1.2 billion people but more than half the population suffers from poverty.poverty. Gender poverty also has a really big impact on poverty if there was no father in the family it would be very hard for the mother to get a job because of gender inequality.

poverty in india

These people deserve better !

ways to prevent poverty?

A lot of people need help, and we as a people and a society need to help. Ways we can take a further step in ending poverty by education, with education you can get a job and send your kids to school people with education have a higher chance of getting a job. Building schools,providing more vaccines against diseases, building small medical clinics, and providing shelter

How poverty builds other social injustices.

Poverty is a inhumane issue within itself but it causes other injustices like gender inequality, and child labour. It is the number one cause of child labour. If people with kids are in poverty they will most likely send their kids to work, because owners want children to work so they can receive more money. Poverty is killing people it needs to stop!