Eat pizza everyday

Eat pizza because it's the best

Pizza is the best. I can come in thin crust, regular, all different sizes, and all different toppings on it. Pizza is best when it is hot because pizza is hot. Pizza originated from Naples, Italy. Cheese, dough, and sauce are the main ingredience. Over 15 different countries serve pizza. The first pizza's were very small and they put basil leaves as toppings.

Pizza is for anytime.

Pizza is so swag because it can be a snack or a meal. I love pizza because it tastes like love. Homemade pizza is very good but the pizza places listed below are the best in my opinion. I've heard that the pizza in New York City is amazing. There are over 20 different possible toppings for a pizza of your choice.

Some of my favortie pizza places

Frequently asked question

Q: Why do you like pizza so much?

A: I dont like pizza, I love pizza.

Q: What's your favorite type of pizza?

A: I choose all pizzas because i dont want any of them to feel left out.