Europe's Top 3 Countrys

By Jake

Number 3: Denmark

Denmark is pretty cool in the fact that it can feed 15,000,000 per year based on their farms alone. Then it also makes around the equivalent of 314 billion US dollars per year. And the largest government concern is only immigration, and the legal way too. And the Average Denmarkian also makes around 40k per year. Denmark is even a European Union Member! Their climate is also temperate, which means that it's going to be moderate instead of extremes. It's population is small, too. Only 5.6 Million people. The government is a constitutional monarchy, which means that the power of the Queen is somewhat limited. The currency even has a cool name. "Crona"

The Flag of Denmark

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Number 2: Hungary

Hungary is an interesting country. The type of government is a Parlimentary Democracy. That sounds interesting! It's also a member of the European Union. That's a plus. Unfortunately, their biggest government concern is air pollution. For a population of 9.4 million, that has to be controlled quickly. Their GDP is also 125.5 billion US dollars. That's a lot! However, their GDP per capita is only 13000 united states dollars, and the rate of exchange is .04 United States dollars equals one Hungarian forint. And Dots, the candy is from Hungary! The main religon over there is Christianity.

Hungarian Flag

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Number 1!!!: Sweden

Per capita in Sweden is 40,000 united states dollars.

Everyone over there makes more than the average American!

Wow! They also have the IKEA, free health care, and have many famous castles.

Down in BorgyHolm Castle, they give tours. The main government concern is,

Interestingly, Acid Rain. They have waste management movements to help. They are in

European Union. And even thought they have all these great things, the total official


Is only 9.57 million. and let's not forget, that

Everyone over there knows about King Carl, and their Constitutional Monarchy.

And they have

PewDiePie, the number one subscribed person on Youtube.

Sweden's Flag

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